Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Too long gone . . .

Been forever since I've been here, or so it seems.  Officially 3 months and 1 day out from Will's diagnosis and, while things continue to change, there is a renewed sense of peace in our lives. 

This is the healthiest winter Will has seen in his entire life.  The first two were full of hospital stays.  To date, we are only two admissions this winter, although he is steadily on steroids and constantly congested.  Still progress, and I will take it.

We have new care for Will and G during the day.  My sitter got a new opportunity which left me to scramble a bit but I fell into the best possible situation for both my kids.  She loves them and they love her right back, she works on fine and gross motor skills with Will and he gets to play with a low number of kids.  It is really good. 

I have been uber weepy lately, very similar to as emotional as I was when I was younger.  I seem to really be in touch with the mortality of everyone I love and the way horrible things can happen.  I tend to dump everything onto Facebook, but want to try and get this blog up and running.  Would be nice to be able to dump longer than a FB update.

Three months out and the wound still smarts when touched, but I couldn't love my son any more if I tried.

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